Spoken Word

Festival Fever

Scroobius Pip blessed me with an opportunity to perform on his mighty satin lizard lounge stage over the Weekend at Bestival 2013, what better place to deliver festival fever to the crowd 🙂

Thank you so much to all that listened and hopefully enjoyed it.


I hope you like it, I worked really hard on it!! I had to spend quite a bit of time in front of the computer for it. Which at times makes me worry, since it is well known how much it affects your body to sit down for long stretches of time. I try to watch out for my health as best as I can by being mindful of what I eat and exercising whenever I have the time. I do wonder if maybe I’m not doing enough though. I even take a health supplement called kratom masters to make sure I’m giving my body everything it needs. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a good one by the way.


Never before has passions description been placed on my lips as non-fiction,
And as my eyes rise its difficult to prize,
A centre away from yours.

Your breath is my oxygen,
In the moment, without it
My wings may break.

Though now shielded by yours,
Secured before an angels eyes
Stares into my soul.

My hearts weighted, elated,
This world didnt show me happiness.
The flutter rests.

Carresses replace it,
Strengths pounding with this founding,
With fire on blankets of ice on Dovedale.

A phenominal love tale.
Snow angels found the missing halo’s,
When we carved heavens in ice dust.

The Doors the Cover


Living in paper towers
On a desk that doesnt think
Watching written speech get bolder.

They mean more when in a letter
The computer engravement causes shadows
As the suns rays blaze and bathe her.

My book of room will follow
Eventually I’ll run to heaven
I close my eyes a longer blink
My glowing lids a smiling craven.

The imaginations like a feather
floating over pictures
piled high in towered games.


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