Performers, theatre makers and playwrights created unique shows for Erdington residents.

This October the REP brought 12 performances into 12 homes of Erdington residents with their new initiative, Home Theatre Birmingham where artists wrote plays as a gift that were performed in the hosts home to an audience of their choosing.

The performances were based on the host’s own stories and experiences, and were created by writers, directors and theatre makers from The REP’s Foundry programme. All performances took place on Saturday 10th October.

Hayley produced a 20 minute limerick that saw her host as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz on travels to her favourite cities in the world. The piece traveled through time and told folk tales from each location with the host as a friend to the famous characters. The folk tales included the birth of Aphrodite, the creation of the great pyramid of Giza, the story of the Flying Dutchmen, a myth from Rasputin of Russia and the tale of a Vampire from Barcelona.

These are taking place as part of our work as Arts Champion for Erdington – a Birmingham City Council scheme which teams the city’s leading arts organisations with different wards across Birmingham to provide arts activities for residents.