Creation and writing of an interactive adventure gamer the Wood of Words.

The Wood of Words.; an online platform harnessing the power of digital technology to engage people more fully with the written and spoken word.

Working with scotchegg Media and Digital Ink Drop; a not-for-profit company dedicated to developing children as readers and inspiring them as creative writers, Hayley wrote various stories that entwined in a variety of ways. Inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure books, the game uses choice as means for children to produce their own story.


Using poetry in the form of limericks and dialogue between characters, game players are guided through each scene and given a choice that changes their direction. The story produces nine different outcomes and can be played either as Hare or Fox.

At the end, a downloadable booklet can be printed giving children a hard copy of the story they created live through the game.

Click here to read and play the Wood of Words Adventure Game.