Production of immersive readings in response to Fiona Banner for the Birmingham Literature Festival.

Experimental performances produced by young writers and visual artists from the West Midlands. A promenade of immersive performances by young writers and visual artists in response to the Ikon’s exhibition by British artist Fiona Banner; Scroll Down and Keep Scrolling.

Hayley curated an evening of live screen printing, music, performance art and spoken word with the gallery as the stage for people to experience literature by emerging young creatives whilst enjoying the exhibition by Fiona Banner; Scroll Down and Keep Scrolling.

Music by Boat to Row.

Ikon is an internationally acclaimed art gallery situated in central Birmingham.

Housed in a magnificent neo-gothic school building, it is an educational charity and works to encourage public engagement with contemporary art through exhibiting new work in a context of debate and participation. It offers free entry to all.

Writing West Midlands Young Writers’ Foundation Group is a creative writing programme for young people aged 16 – 20 supported by Birmingham City University’s Institute of Creative and Critical Writing. The Ikon Youth Programme is for young people, aged 16-21 years old, who share an interest in visual art. Meeting regularly at Ikon Gallery, participants are encouraged to devise creative projects, establish links with other youth groups and share their opinions about a range of topics.