Resident artist on a week long dance and digital lab.

A digital dance lab hosted by mac Birmingham. Working with writers, dancers, performance artists and digital media, a group of artists collaborated to create a scratch performance night that explored the use of text and digital technology in performance.

Hayley was a resident artist on a three day and seven day Dance and Digital lab with RKDC in 2013. The lab explored digital media in performance and was made up of creative dance and literature workshops. Producing work in responce to text, Hayley wrote and choreographed performances through collaboration with dancers.

Wild Woman

A short choreographed performance inspired by the poem Wild Women Dont Have the blues by Ida Cox.

Performers; Rebecca Namgauds and Hayley Frances

Conversations with Suppression

A 15 minute performance integrating dance with text produced from a free writing workshop responding to an exhibition exploring soldiers after war.

Performers; Becca Thomas, Jerrel Jackson and Hayley Frances.

A scratch night was performed at the mac in front of a selected audience which included the arts champions of Birmingham.